Jill A. Selbach, Ph.D., P.A.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Call:  954-618-8412

Fees and Insurance




Dr. Selbach's fee for the 75 minute Initial Evaluation is $325.00. Each session thereafter is typically 45 minutes at the rate of $180.00 (or $60.00/ quarter hour). Some therapy interventions can require a shorter or longer session to be prorated at the above rate. Examples:   30 minute session- $120.00

                               45 minute session- $180.00

                               60 minute session- $240.00


Gifted evaluations range from $500 to $600.00. Comprehensive full psychological/psycho-educational diagnostic evaluations are typically $4,000.00. These evaluation fees include a written report and feedback session.


All payments are due when services are rendered.



Dr. Selbach does not accept insurance.