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Jill A. Selbach, Ph.D., P.A.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Selbach Provides a wide variety of services to children, adolescents, and adults based on her training and expertise. Issues she commonly addresses are depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive patterns.

Therapy/                          Counseling/                             Coaching                            

Child/Adolescent                    Anxiety                                                                                                              

couples                              grief/loss                                  career                                   

family                                 life changes                             educational                         

substance abuse             stress management               weight management          

relapse prevention          conflict resolution                                                                


Evaluation/Psychological/Psycho-educational Testing

Gifted Testing


Learning Disabilities

Developmental Testing

Full Psychological Battery (intellectual, emotional, personality and educational)

Executive Functioning/Cognitive Functioning Assessment and Intervention Planning

Initiation skills


Visual Spatial Skills

Time Management

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Behavioral Medicine

Surgery preparation

Relaxation and visualization 

Acceptance of medical diagnosis

Post surgical recovery

Residential Placement/Case Management/Consultation


Dr. Selbach interviews and evaluates the proper level of care needed to address symptoms/behaviors. She then makes recommendations for placement if necessary based on specific treatment goals. Placements may be for educational needs, behavioral needs or substance abuse issues.

Case Management:

It is often beneficial for a professional to follow individuals and work with families during residential treatment. Dr. Selbach collaborates with treating staff to formulate discharge plans and after-care programs. 


Sometimes individuals and families or other professionals like to gain another professional's opinion on diagnosis and treatment plan recommendations. Dr. Selbach is available to review cases and render her professional opinion.